Even royalty are not safe from the Taxman, as Spain’s Princess Cristina has recently found out.


The daughter of Spanish King Juan Carlos is under investigation for a financial scandal involving her husband.


The Princess was, last week, accused of being “evasive” today as she gave evidence in a corruption case that has tainted the family’s reputation across Spain.


The 48-year-old was interrogated for several hours by José Castro, the investigative judge, as part of an investigation into the financial affairs of her spouse, Iñaki Urdangarín.


The Princess is the first-royal born member of the Bourbon family to be called as a suspect in a Spanish court. Cristina is facing a preliminary investigation for both tax fraud and money laundering via a company she co-owned with her husband.


In addition to this, Mr Urdangarín is facing a separate allegation of embezzling around €6 million of public money when he headed up the Nóos Institute, a non-profit organisation that managed corporate occasions including conferences and sporting events.


It is believed that the funds were siphoned off through a consulting company that he operated with his wife.


The hearing is not open to the public, but Manuel Delgado, a lawyer representing the Frente Cívico (Civic Front), a Left-wing association and one of several campaign groups that has gained civil party status in the case, told reporters outside the court that “95 per cent” of the Princess’s answers had been “evasive”.


“She appears calm, relaxed and very well prepared,” he said, adding that she had exercised her right not to give answers that would implicate her.


“She is not diverging from the expected script,” Mr Delgado added. “Her answers are for the most part ‘I don’t know’ and ‘I am not aware’.”


Without discussing the nature of the questions put to the Princess, except to say that they “were rigorous”, he said the Princess had told the judge that she had “great trust in her husband”.


Neither the Princess nor her husband has been charged with any crime.


Tax Fraud and Tax Evasion accusations are serious.


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