Ult Hoeness, president of German football giant Bayern Munich, is to face trial over tax evasion charges in March 2014.


Hoeness has admitted to holding undeclared funds in a Swiss bank account, after reporting himself to tax officials back in January 2012.


Hoeness – a member of West Germany’s 1974 World Cup winning squad – has made a voluntary repayment, but further investigation has led to an accusation of tax evasion.


German tax officials issued a statement, saying: “The State Prosecutors Munich II accuses the 61-year-old president of FC Bayern Munich of tax evasion.


“Details over the accusation cannot be released due to the particular secrecy regulations involved in tax trials before the charges have been read in a public hearing.”


A date – March 10, 2014 – has been set for the first hearing, with a total of three further hearings being scheduled by the prosecution.


Hoeness has vowed to clear his name. “I’ll work hard over the next four months to ensure our arguments convince the court,” he stated. “I’m very surprised that the authorities have not accepted our self-denunciation.”


Hoeness will carry with his duties as Bayern Munich president, after receiving unanimous support from his fellow board members when the allegations were first publicised in April 2013.


“I made my mistake as a private man and I don’t think my work as president of Bayern has suffered from it,” said Hoeness recently.


This just goes to show that anyone can face tax charges, whether they are high profile individuals or not.


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