PAYE Audit Tax Investigation

A PAYE audit is a check by HMRC to ensure that an employer is paying all correct PAYE tax and National Insurance obligations.

It can also cover working families’ tax credits and any other matter administered by HMRC.

If you find yourself in the midst of a PAYE audit then call KinsellaTax now on 0800 471 4546.

With our experience of dealing with all tax investigation matters we can negotiate with HMRC and bring your investigation to an end as quickly and pain free as possible.

The areas covered as part of these enquiries are:-

  • Operation of PAYE
  • Deduction of National Insurance Contributions
  • Benefits in Kind
  • Employment Status
  • IR35


If HMRC find errors on your behalf they will issue penalties.

These penalties can be up to 100% of the tax due but will be dependant on your co-operation with their enquiry and the nature of the errors.

It is important to get professional representation for all tax investigation matters to negotiate with HMRC on your behalf.

Pick up the phone now and ring KinsellaTax on 0800 471 4546.

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The 1st tip in dealing with any tax enquiry is to get expert advice first before thinking of contacting HRMC or going to see them. Click here to see our advice regarding HMRC interviews


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