Section 144 of the Finance Act 2000

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Finance Act 2000, Part VI, Section 144 reads as follows:-

Offence of fraudulent evasion of income tax

  • A person commits an offence if he is knowingly concerned in the fraudulent evasion of income tax by him or any other person.
  • A person guilty of an offence under this section is liable –
  • On summary conviction, to imprisonment, for a term not exceeding six months or a fine not exceeding the statutory maximum, or both;
  • On conviction on indictment, to imprisonment, for a term not exceeding seven years or a fine, or both.
  • This section applies to things done or omitted on or after 1st January 2001.

Lord Grabiner QC was asked by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in November 1999 to look into the black economy. Lord Grabiner’s report brought about regulations added to the 2000 finance bill, which essentially became the basis for a new criminal procedure by the Inland Revenue.

Part of the preliminary report said that there were too few criminal tax prosecutions and he felt that the revenue only prosecuted larger tax investigation cases and were willing to come to a settlement with, what they regard as, smaller cases.

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The actual recommendation at the time of the report reads:

“I recommend creating a specific statutory offence of knowingly failing to meet basic tax obligations, which could be tried in a magistrate’s court rather than a crown court, this could be based on offences of fraudulent evasion that exists for VAT and national insurance contributions”

Grabiner then went on to discuss the possibility of joint criminal tax prosecutions following a joint tax investigation and now that, with the merger of HM Customs and the Inland Revenue and HM Revenue & Customs, has become reality.

HMRC have become active in recent years in tax investigations and smaller criminal prosecution cases.

Our tax investigation consultants have acted as witnesses in a number of criminal tax prosecutions and have been able to assist solicitors by bringing our expertise and experience in tax fraud by:-

  • Providing expert advice on technical issues
  • Providing expert advice on evidential issues, for example where a carousel fraud is alleged
  • Identifying and commenting upon additional disclosure material
  • Examining and challenging the alleged quantum
  • Preparing expert witness reports
  • Giving evidence at the trial

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Our experience and expertise in fraud and HMRC tax investigation regulations and procedures has proved invaluable in a number of criminal tax prosecution cases, in which we have been instructed as experts to challenge a demand or claim made by HMRC against innocent parties as a result of the fraudulent or illegal diversion of duty free goods by others.

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