Tax evading plumber ordered to flush out tax fraud cash

A tax evading plumber faces 18 months in jail unless he pays back almost £55,000.

Tax evading plumber – Melvyn Careswell

Melvyn Careswell, 50, of Epsom, was ordered to pay the money within six months at Kingston Crown Court.

Careswell, who ran MPC Heating and Plumbing, was jailed for a year in July after failing to pay approximately £50,000 in income tax over a period of five years.

The plumber had been working as a self-employed plumber and chose to ignore an HMRC amnesty encouraging plumbers to disclose unpaid tax.

He was arrested on 5th August 2011 and pleaded guilty to fraudulent tax evasion.

Andrew Sackey, assistant director for criminal investigation at HMRC, said:

“Melvyn Careswell ignored the opportunity to come forward and pay what he owed.

Instead, we came looking for him.

HMRC’s work does not end when a tax fraudster is jailed.

We also actively pursue the proceeds of crime so that criminals do not leave prison only to enjoy their ill-gotten gains.”

Criminal tax investigations into tax evasion are serious and could end up in a prison sentence and a confiscation order.

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