The tax consultancy firm is undergoing a probe into its affairs in relation to alleged illegal tax avoidance schemes.


Although there were no arrests made in the head office, a 60-year old man was arrested in one of their UK offices and documents were seized.


According to reports the investigation centres around the suspicion that tax avoidance schemes, which were sold to over 600 subscribers, were executed fraudulently giving an estimated tax loss of over £90 million.


A statement from HMRC said of the raids:-


“On September 29th, search warrants were served on premises in the UK and Isle of Man and a man, aged 60, was arrested in connection with an ongoing criminal investigation.”


The Montpelier Group, an international tax consultancy firm with offices in the UK, Barbados and Hong Kong, refused to comment.


It seems this could just be the start in the crackdown on tax avoidance that HMRC and our new Coalition government have threatened for so long.

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