KinsellaTax, the UK’s leading tax investigation specialist, have launched a new Tax Appeals Unit taking taxpayers disputes with HMRC to an autonomous tribunal system.

Following on from a reform of the tax appeals system, the Tribunals Service, part of the Ministry of Justice was created to give taxpayers the opportunity to have their grievances aired in an independent environment.

The Tax Tribunal hears a full range of appeals against HMRC decisions in relation to direct and indirect tax cases.

Run by legally qualified judges, it is the ultimate authority for appeals against HMRC by taxpayers, both individuals and companies alike. Unfortunately, the existence of which is not well publicised.

“HMRC tell all taxpayers what they owe and although a small percentage of them appeal to the Revenue’s internal complaints department, the majority accept the decision and pay up; whether they actually believe they owe the money or not” said Jo Robson, Head of Marketing and Communications for KinsellaTax.

“Requests to HMRC for a review are usually a waste of time. It is better to appeal directly to the First Tier Tax Tribunal and prepare for a day in court before an experienced judge”

“It is astonishing how many taxpayers are too scared to question HMRC which is why we have launched our new Appeals Unit; to help those who don’t know how to fight against HMRC” Robson continued.

“The Tax Tribunal system is now a much more litigious process and more formal compared to the informality of the General, and on occasions, the Special Commissioners. HMRC have dedicated teams to help the Tax Inspectors with their Tribunal cases so KinsellaTax have created a dedicated team to help the taxpayers.”

 The Tax Appeals Unit at KinsellaTax is led by a practising barrister giving tax payers a fixed cost to handle the appeal from day one when the appeal is lodged right through to the actual hearing in court.

KinsellaTax will take control of all parts of contentious tax disputes so that our clients can get on with their own lives and own businesses.

To find out more contact KinsellaTax on 0207 352 8673 for London and the South or 01625 469 988 for Wilmslow and the North or email us at enquiries@kinsellatax2014.co.uk.

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