At KinsellaTax we make no secret of our advice to all taxpayers when it comes to attending HMRC Meetings and an HMRC interview with tax Inspectors from HM Revenue and Customs.


Now, the reasoning behind this is very simple and innocent.


When a taxpayer attends a meeting with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), in 99.9% of cases they are extremely nervous and scared, regardless of whether they are actually guilty of any wrongdoing or not.


The possibility of slipping up and saying something that either isn’t actually true or something you don’t understand during the HMRC Interview the consequences of are just too severe.


It is a risk that KinsellaTax are not prepared to take.


Our opposition to clients attending a HMRC interview has nothing to do with secrecy or hiding things from HMRC, it is purely to protect the interests of our clients.


As you may already know there are only 2 occasions when a taxpayer MUST attend one of the dreaded meetings with an HMRC Inspector.


However, in these circumstances we will be there holding your hand and mopping your brow throughout the whole ordeal of an HMRC interview.


In these 2 types of HMRC interview (Code of Practice 9 and Section 144 enquiry) we know the questions they will ask.


In the past we have asked HMRC Inspectors to supply us with a copy of the questions they are planning to ask before an HMRC interview and each and every time we have been denied our very small request.


This is where we believe it isn’t fair.


In any tax investigation, no matter how big or small, the HMRC Inspector running your case will have spent weeks preparing their HMRC interview strategy and the questions they want to ask.


The taxpayers on the other side of the table in that HMRC interview room (YOU) have an unfair disadvantage.


They attend HMRC interviews unprepared and unrepresented and this is where mistakes will happen.


Anything you say in an HMRC interview will be jumped upon and if it was a mistake, it will be harder for your tax adviser to explain the truth to HMRC.


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