Company Tax Return Enquiries

Code of Practice 14 deals with Company Tax Return Enquiries and claims made outside a return for accounting period ending on or after 1st July 1999.

Some Company Tax Returns are chosen at random for enquiry and checked for errors.

If you have received a Code of Practice 14 notice from HMRC you need to contact KinsellaTax now on 0800 471 4546 for professional representation during your Company Tax Return enquiry.

HMRC, formally the Inland Revenue, will inform you in writing that they intend to start a Code of Practice 14 corporation tax enquiry and will also tell you if they are looking at your whole company tax return or only at specific areas.

This means they will start either a Full or Aspect enquiry into your Company Tax Return.

HM Revenue and Customs have 12 months from the date the Company Tax Return was due to have been submitted to tell you that they intend to start a Code of Practice 14 corporation tax enquiry. If you submit your company tax return late, then the Revenue have 12 months from that date to enquire into your company affairs.

Remember, tax penalties charged are dependent on your willingness to co-operate with HMRC and their Company Tax Return Enquiry.

The more you co-operate during a Code of Practice 14 tax investigation, the higher the chance of lower HMRC tax penalties.

HMRC may decide to perform an extensive inspection covering all aspects of your company’s tax affairs. Enquiries of this type will normally involve an in-depth review of the records on which your Company Tax Return was based.

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You may be asked for information relating to directors and shareholders as part of your Code of Practice 14 tax enquiry. Undoubtedly KinsellaTax say this is now the norm given the new powers under the Finance Act 2008 Sch. 36.

FA 2008 Sch. 36 reads:-

“An officer of Revenue and Customs may by notice in writing require a person (‘the taxpayer’)-

  • to provide information, or
  • to produce a document,

if the information is reasonably required by the officer for the purpose of checking the taxpayer’s position.”

If HMRC feel the need to open separate tax enquiries into directors’ and shareholders’ personal tax returns then persons will be informed of that in writing and sent a separate Code of Practice – COP 11.

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During the Company Tax Return Enquiry HMRC will try to ask early on for all the information they think they may require for the Code of Practice 14 investigation, but this is not always the case.

However, they should only ask for relevant information which is in, or should be in, your Company Tax Return or claim.

If you feel that HM Revenue and Customs is asking for irrelevant information during your Company Tax Return Enquiry or they are taking an unreasonable amount of time to consider the information and explanations in your Code of Practice 14 tax investigation, you may ask the First Tier Tribunal to consider whether the company tax return enquiry should be closed.

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HMRC will ask the company to make a payment on account during the Code of Practice 14 enquiry, but until the company’s self assessment is officially amended by HMRC this is not compulsory.

However, making a payment on account will help to reduce any interest charges. If too much tax is paid to the Revenue then it will, of course, be repaid.

If nothing is found to be wrong with your Company Tax Return then HMRC will inform you that the Code of Practice 14 enquiry will be officially closed.

KinsellaTax have over 120 years’ experience in dealing with HMRC investigations and can help negotiate with HMRC which increases the chance of lowering any tax penalties awarded and speeding up the Company Tax Return enquiry.

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If errors are found on your Company Tax Return then interest and HMRC tax penalties will be charged, along with the tax liability due.

HMRC tax penalties can be sought for incorrect company tax returns that were submitted fraudulently or negligently, or if your company discovers errors in the Company Tax Return and does not remedy the errors without unreasonable delay.

When calculating any tax penalty due on your company tax return, HMRC will take the following into account:-

  • The extent to which you voluntarily disclosed anything that was incorrect
  • Your co-operation to HMRC in concluding their enquiries
  • The seriousness of the errors or omissions.

Remember that HMRC tax penalties can be up to 100% of the tax liability.

You have 30 days to appeal to the First Tier Tax Tribunal if you disagree with any amendment to your Company Tax Return and any assessment to corporation tax or HMRC tax penalty charged.

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If your Company Tax Return was found to be incorrect, HMRC may ask you to sign a Certificate of Disclosure to confirm that your company has now declared all its taxable income and gains.

If your Company Tax Return did not contain any errors then you will not be asked to sign a Certificate of Disclosure.

HM Revenue and Customs recommend that you appoint a professional tax adviser to deal with your Code of Practice 14 tax investigation.

KinsellaTax issues a warning to all persons, firms or companies undergoing a Code of Practice 14 investigation that HMRC may not prosecute for the tax offence. But if fraudulent documents or evidence are put forward during the Company Tax Return investigation, then a charge of deceit could be pursued with alarmingly disastrous results.

Tax investigation specialists must be used during your Company Tax Return Enquiry.

The Army use specialist bomb disposal experts who are also soldiers. Likewise, accountants have specialist tax investigators – USE ONE!! Call KinsellaTax NOW on 0800 471 4546. Why waste any time?

The 1st tip in dealing with any Code of Practuce 14 tax enquiry is to get expert advice on Company Tax Return Enquiries first before thinking of contacting HMRC or going to see them. Click here to see our advice regarding HMRC interviews

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