During the Liberal Democrat conference 2011, held 17-21 September, Chief Secretary to The Treasury, Danny Alexander, announced that an affluent team of tax inspectors will be targeting 350,000 of Britain’s wealthiest tax payers – liable to pay the 50p income tax rate.

Alexander said that HMRC ‘need to make sure tax owed is tax paid’ by the highest earners in the UK.

In efforts to raise an extra £7bn from tax evaders by 2015, the government are moving over 2,000 HMRC staff into anti Tax Avoidance and anti Tax Evasion posts.

During the conference, Alexander noted how this year HMRC already look on target to raise £2bn of the overall £7bn.

1,000 of the new tax evasion and tax avoidance jobs have been advertised this month and the new affluent team will be announced by the end of October.

Although HMRC already have a special division that investigates tax arrangements of 5,000 of Britain’s richest tax payers;

The new team of over 2,000 tax inspectors – specialising in tax evasion and tax avoidance – will target 350,000 additional wealthy UK tax payers, whose combined assets amount to over £2.5m.

Chief Secretary to The Treasury, Danny Alexander, said at the Birmingham conference:

“It took 12 years for the previous government to take action against the wealthiest 5,000 people, some of who weren’t paying their fair share of tax. We can do better than that.

“My message to the small minority who don’t pay what they owe is simple. I agree with the chancellor. We will find you and your money and you will pay your fair share.”

Could the government be looking to the richest people in the UK to help reduce the gross tax deficit in Britain?

On their plan to reduce the tax deficit through their new tax evasion and tax avoidance strategy, Alexander added:

“Financial discipline is necessary for effective government. It would be completely wrong to leave the bills for past mistakes to be paid for by our children.

“The economic case is indisputable. We must stick to our plans and we will.”

Although Conservatives have argued that the higher Income tax rate of 50p should be scrapped. Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg, is sticking to his guns and imposing the 50p tax rate on UKs wealthiest tax payers.

Clegg has said that the 50p tax rate will stay, ‘unless we can make much more progress’ on the lowering of tax in the UK.

Kevin Kinsella Jnr, of KinsellaTax, said:

“Ever since the Keith Report was issued in March 1983, HMRC has been given more and more powers to collect tax and investigate companies and individuals.

“The trouble has always been getting the right staff to enforce the regulations.

“It’s ok for Mr. Alexander to say more than 2,000 tax inspectors are to move into the anti tax evasion and anti tax avoidance posts, but who is going to manage them?

“I find that more experienced and fully trained tax inspectors are covering teams in more than one area and inexperienced tax inspectors are handling problems that frankly, they are not fully trained to do.

“For experienced tax advisors and tax investigators it is essential to deal with inspectors who are fully trained to do the job.”

Have you been accused by HMRC of tax evasion?

Or perhaps you have taken part in a tax avoidance scheme?

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KinsellaTax staff consists of ex-HM Inspector of Taxes and ex-HM Custom and Excise Officers, fully experienced in HMRC investigations.

We can help with any Tax Evasion or Tax Avoidance enquiry and put your mind at rest.

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