Which public officials and faces of the BBC have been avoiding tax?

Sources from Whitehall have alleged that ‘dozens’ of civil servants have been avoiding tax for over ten years by working ‘off payroll’, but who are they?

Is HMRC on the way to ‘economic suicide’?

Richard Murphy, of campaign group Tax Justice Network, has said that HMRC is getting ready to carry out ‘economic suicide’ with plans that will ‘hurt the UK economy’; What HMRC ‘plans’ is Murphy talking about?
Film Partnership Schemes

Doubt hangs over the future of film partnership schemes

Last month HMRC won a groundbreaking case against failed tax avoidance scheme Eclipse Film Partners 35; many investors have been left biting their nails in anticipation over whether HMRC’s win means an end ...

£1.5m scrap metal fraudster jailed for five years

A scrap metal fraudster from Staffordshire has been jailed for five years for a £1.5m VAT fraud scam...

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