Group Leader


It is important for an advisor, faced with an Special Civil Investigation (SCI) investigation of his client, to understand the paramount importance of the group leader. The group leader does not normally work cases himself but he will be directly and intimately involved in all the cases worked by his group. It is the group leader’s job to:-


    • Decide whether a case which has been referred by a district should be registered for SCI investigation


    • Allocate cases to his investigators having regard to their experience


    • Keep the progress of all the group’s investigations constantly under review and advise on steps to maintain progress, deciding if and when the prosecution becomes appropriate


    • Attend any interviews likely to prove difficult and all settlement interviews


    • To decide in most cases, on behalf of the Board, whether to accept the offer in settlement and


    • Train inspectors when they join the group. Close involvement of the group leader may be expected where the investigation is being handled by an inspector new to SCI.



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