Where taxpayers are discharging a liability other than their own, some of the records that are required are specified by legislation.  In the case of VAT and PAYE liability to tax is determined during the course of the accounting period so the statutory provisions are specific as to the records that must be kept of the transactions giving rise to that liability.

For example, reg. 97 of the Income Tax (Pay As You Earn) Regulations 2003 (SI 2003/2682) specifies that the records that must be kept and made available for inspection are:

a)       all wages sheets, deductions working sheets, documents completed under reg. 46 (Form P46) (other than those which the employer has sent to the Inland Revenue), and other documents and records relating to:

  • the calculation of the PAYE income of the employees
  • relevant payments to the employees, or
  • the deduction of tax from, or accounting for tax in respect of, such payments, and


(b)     all documents and records relating to any information which an employer is required to provide to the Inland Revenue under reg. 85 (Forms P11D and P9D).

Traders who are registered for VAT must, by law, keep a VAT account.  They must also keep business and accounting records but it is left to them to decide what is required for their particular business.

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