HM Revenue and Customs have launched a new advertising campaign warning tax cheats to get all of their affairs in order and own up to any undeclared income before it is too late.

They have even launched a dedicated website, www.gov.uk/sortmytax, aimed at providing an effective amnesty for any individuals who may not have paid the correct amount of tax.

David Guake, Chancellor of the Exchequer, said:

“Most people play by the rules and pay what they owe, but HMRC is cracking down on those who don’t. Using the £917 million the government has made available to tackle avoidance, evasion and fraud. HMRC is closing in on tax cheats.

It always make sense to declare all of your income and tax dodgers are simply storing up trouble for the future; getting caught means higher fines, and in the most serious cases criminal prosecution. There is an alternative. Simply visit the new website and make a fresh start.”

HMRC Tax Evasion Campaign

The new campaign comes as HMRC’s latest weapon in their fight against tax evasion after their recent tax amnesties and specially created taskforces and is part of the Government’s £917 million spending review installment against tax evasion and tax fraud from 2011/12 which aims to generate an additional £7 billion each year in lost revenue by 2014/15.

HMRC are hoping that this latest campaign will scare people into coming forward about previously undeclared income, perhaps making their job easier for them.

Have you failed to declare income?

To avoid a tax investigation letter from the taxman you should make a full voluntary disclosure to HMRC.

KinsellaTax staff consists of ex-HM Inspector of Taxes and ex-HM Custom and Excise officers, fully experienced in all types of HMRC tax investigations and tax enquiries.

Our tax investigation experts will make a voluntary disclosure to HMRC on your behalf, which will dramatically reduce your HMRC tax investigation penalties.

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