HMRC have admitted that around 100,000 people could be out of pocked thanks to errors in their new computer system.


Reports have shown that thousands of taxpayers have had their personal tax codes deleted automatically and replaced with a temporary ‘high tax code’.


There seems to be no reason for this and many other taxpayers have had an additional ‘1’ placed in front of their income figure increasing their salary by £100,000.


Unsurprisingly this had led to highly incorrect tax payments.


This is just the latest in a long line of problems coming to light as HMRC’s call centre is been the subject of wide scrutiny.


Apparently, the problem is so extensive that many of the taxpayers affected will have to wait months before they receive a rebate on their overpaid tax.


As this latest mistake has affected many pensioners and entrepreneurs, it is expected to really hit them hard.


It is not clear how this mistake has occurred but considering millions of pounds have already been spent on this new computer system this is of great concern.

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