Voluntary Disclosures

If you cannot sleep at night because you know you have forgotten to declare earnings or additional income that you haven’t paid tax on for a number of years then a voluntary disclosure to HMRC is the way to go.

Submitting a voluntary disclosure rather than waiting for HMRC to approach you puts you in the driving seat.

HMRC will give you maximum points for coming forward and Kinsella Tax Investigations are the people to prepare the report for you.

We will submit the disclosure on your behalf in order to get the best deal possible by way of penalties.

As always, HMRC may charge penalties for tax not paid but they will give you significant reductions for volunteering the tax to them.

To make a voluntary disclosure to HMRC call Kinsella Tax Investigations today on 0800 471 4546.

The sooner you make a disclosure, the more chance you have of avoiding a letter from HMRC.

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The 1st tip in dealing with any tax enquiry is to get expert advice first before thinking of contacting HRMC or going to see them. Click here to see our advice regarding HMRC interviews


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