“I read that the Asset Forfeiture Division of HMRC Prosecutions Office has exceeded its 2007/2007 targets in recovering criminal assets. I am not sure if this is in our favour actually.

They say more than £23 million have been seized so far from convicted criminals by lawyers from the department over the last year.

This exceeds the original target of £22.7 million pounds.

I believe the term ‘millionaire’ is now irrelevant, billionaires most certainly.

What is £23 million when you compare a payment of £22 million that Manchester United just paid for a ‘forward’ from Brazil?

I read that Dawn Primarolo has just issued a record of enquiries taken up in the year 2004/05.

Here we are in 2007 to 2008 and the best we can do is get the latest figures for three years ago.

Isn’t it about time HMRC got up to date figures?

Anyway, Dawn tells us that 16,000 enquiries per month were being taken up throughout the country on the self assessment tax returns.

Well, I would think its nearer £20 – £22 million at the present time.

At that rate, when do you think your turn is going to come?

It certainly looks like all of us at one time or another are going to fact the dreaded letter from the taxmen telling us that they are looking into the latest self-assessment tax return.

If it happens to you, don’t forget I’m here – Kevin Kinsella Jnr – I’ll sort it out, you’ve got my telephone number, use it”.


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