Richard and Theresa Pitt nearly lost everything after they put their trust into their book-keeper . . .

He repaid their trust by stealing thousands of pounds meant for the taxman. Richard Pitt met David Weller in 1990 and employed him as his book-keeper for his company BWS Garage Equipment and found him to be a model employee. During the course of the next two decades, the Pitts and their book-keeper became firm friends and Weller even played the role of best-man and Theresa and Richard Pitt’s wedding. However, unbeknown to the trusting couple, David Weller had been slyly and methodically stealing from them. In November 2009, Mr and Mrs Pitt found out that their business was in trouble with HMRC over incorrect tax returns and owed more than £150,000 to the taxman.

They even found out that Weller had posed as Mr Pitt at three hearings at Bristol Magistrates’ Court in a selfish bid to cover his own tracks. However, when HMRC sent a letter directly to the trusting couple, the web of lies soon started to unravel. David Weller had actually signed an agreement with HMRC accepting that Pitt’s business owed £150,000 in unpaid taxes and as a result, Mr and Mrs Pitt were terrified they were about to lose their home and everything else they had spent their lives building up to Weller eventually broke down and admitted to the couple that HMRC had begun their investigation several years earlier as there had been an error on a tax return.

Cheques destined for Richard Pitt’s tax return and for VAT had been paid directly into Weller’s own bank accounts. Although Mr and Mrs Pitt have now managed to come to an arrangement with HMRC, the experience has left them devastated and with a £150,000 charge on their home. David Weller has now been jailed for 20 months for charges of obtaining money by deception and fraud but unfortunately for his victims, it is just not long enough. This story highlights the importance of taking control of your own tax affairs and remembering that each and every taxpayer is responsible for their own tax affairs, even if someone else helps them out.

Every taxpayer should always be aware of their current tax situation and should always ask for documentation and proof of postage as evidence proof that tax returns have been submitted and tax liabilities have been paid.

If your tax affairs are in a sorry mess then the sooner you take the first step to sort them out, the better.


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