Well CBI are urging firms to be upfront with public on their tax affairs – what a PR move.

Apparently up to 23% of consumers have avoided a firm because of their tax affairs. It really does pay off so to speak.

As we know musical groups like Take That and comedians like Jimmy Carr have all – after publicity about their tax affairs – amended them saying sorry to the public, we have dealt with our affairs properly now.

Frankly what they did in the first place wasn’t criminal but people do not like people taking advantage of their situations. They have the money to pay out large fees for people to be able to work out policies on how to avoid tax and the general public resent that because they are not in the position to do so and think everybody should pay their fair share. After all that is what we are all supposed to do so they say.

Well as these results are published then the pressure upon people to avoid these various schemes will increase no doubt and eventually probably fade away, but there will still be some I guess who will take advantage of their positions and make hay while the sun shines – or so they think.

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