A dear friend of mine and colleague for many years, and many more to come I hope, has written an informal yet in depth guide toPractical Accounts and Book Keeping by Alex Byrne accounts and bookkeeping.

‘Practical Accounts & Bookkeeping in easy steps’ by Alex Byrne is written in a manner which is easy to follow and in plain English, making it popular with those who are new to business and business owners who are confused by the normal accountancy industry jargon.

Alex Byrne worked for HM Revenue & Customs for 23 years and was a senior Inspector of Taxes. Since leaving HMRC he has worked as tax investigations adviser, helping people to solve HMRC tax investigations and HMRC driven insolvencies.

Alex has encountered all forms of tax investigations, first as an Inspector of taxes and then as a tax investigation adviser and has worked tirelessly to produce improved computer records and record systems so business accounts can be produced efficiently at a reasonable cost.

With a question and answer section at the end of the book to test readers’ newly learned accounts skills, the journey to mastering Accounts and Bookkeeping has never been more practical.

Priced at just £12.99, the easy to follow guide is magnificent value for money and is available to buy online on the Amazon website (click here to buy Practical Accounts & Bookkeeping).

Well done Alex, keep writing.

Kevin Kinsella Jnr Snr. KinsellaTax UK Ltd.

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