Tax prosecutors are to merge with CPS (Crown Prosecution Service).

The RCPO (Revenue and Customs Prosecution Office) only formed when Customs and Excise joined up with the Inland Revenue four years ago in a move, supposedly, to save public money and improve efficiency.

The merger will take place during the 2009/10 tax year. The RCPO director, David Green QC, will lead a ring-fenced service for HMRC prosecutions within the service.

RCPO was launched to prosecute cases investigated by HMRC and SOCA (Serious and Organised Crime Agency) including tax fraud, drugs smuggling and money laundering/

It handles about 1,300 cases a year and has cost about £35 million each year since it came into force.

Confiscation is decidedly low at £75 million for the period.

Let’s see how they go. At least we don’t have two departments seemingly prosecuting the same kind of offences.

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