“Did anybody see the article in the Daily Mail saying that tax inspectors were now getting a bonus on monies brought in from tax investigations?

I found it interesting. HMRC blustered and blew as they always do when they are caught with the proverbial trousers down but nobody seems to have really taken it up with Dawn Primarolo or the Paymaster General.

I am amazed at that quite frankly. If you think that when you settle a case and the chap looking to settle it is actually going to put some of the money in his own pocket, however
small, it leaves a bitter taste in one’s mouth does it not?
So there you are, if you get that letter from the Revenue saying they are going to go into your latest tax return, get on to me and I’ll sort it out for you. You’ve got my number – ring it – use it! Don’t forget you can ring me anytime, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day within reason – let me get some sleep some time”.

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