There is again an article in The Mail on Sunday saying:

Osborne to net billions in huge tax crackdown”.

Well as far as I know George Osborne was the Chancellor for the past five and a half years and he doesn’t seem to have recovered any of the huge billions that he refers to in this article.

No doubt when the firms engaged in these various schemes they were thought to be legal. Let’s have it right, huge firms of accountants, lawyers, barristers, whatever – who specialise in these sort of things – got together and put these schemes together and so of course they are legal.

And now, because somebody has made a faux pas being nice about it in the legal or taxing world, allowing these sort of behaviours, they are all throwing their hands up in the air saying we’ve got to recover this money.

Well I’m sick to death of hearing that. I’ll believe it when it happens.

Whatever we say we need these multinationals to trade in our country because they bring a lot of work, a lot of employment and a lot of business.

So they use these various schemes to lower their tax liabilities, alright so what. But to have Osborne or the Tory government keep on about we’re going to recover these things – really if you’re going to recover them change the law so they can’t be dealt with. Because I understand it is a European law that may be difficult but do please stop taking us, the tax payers, for mugs because I am fed up of reading about it.

I saw the Prime Minister professing that we’re paying less tax now than we were before.

Before what?

He’s talking poppycock.

The new regime that’s coming in for business employers who use the salary plus dividend payment scheme has gone. They have now replaced it with a tax-free allowance of £5,000. Anything above that will be taxed at 7.5% for the basic rate and 32.5% for the higher rate and 38.1% for the additional rate – so we’re all paying more tax.

Yes the tax rates haven’t gone up, you don’t need to put the tax rates up, all you need to do is shove around a few different schemes, take away this, add that and suddenly we’re all paying more tax.

So for him to sit there saying we’re paying less because of tax credits etc – we’re not sorry – we’re paying more tax, certainly as I look at my dividend this year. Next year I’ll be paying more tax on the same dividend so I’m paying more tax.

Have any of you faced the same problem?

I’m sure you have.

Or if you haven’t got onto the fact that the dividend now is from next year without your tax credit, relying on the CT paid – sorry gone, out the window. They even put forward a proposal to claim £5,000 and said that would be in addition to the PAYE but of course it’s not – it’s all cobblers.

Do get it right and stop taking us for mugs.

You know I understand the government have got to raise money for tax and I don’t mind paying a bit of extra tax providing we get the National Health and various things underway, providing my grandkids can lead a normal, safe life – fine. I’m prepared to pay for that but please don’t try and kid me that I’m paying less tax when I look at my cheque and see it’s less next year than it is this year.



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