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Payroll Pitfalls - Keep up to date reporting with HMRC - or pay the price!

Ensuring your employees are paid is only a small part of managing payroll tasks.

Income tax planning - know your limits!

With the new tax year looming, now is an ideal time to review your position and decrease your tax liabilities.

HMRC panned for using terror laws against whistleblower

Britain’s leading tax official has been panned after HMRC used powers designed to catch terrorists to track down an employee who dislcosed a top-secret multi-million-pound “sweetheart” deal with Goldman Sachs.

Budget 2014 – key points

Here are the significant headlines from the Chancellor George Osborne's 2014 Budget and how they affect you.

HMRC acquires greater powers to combat tax avoidance

George Osborne has increased HM Revenue & Customs’ powers as part of a new strategy to tackle tax avoidance.

Chancellor feeling the heat over tax avoidance projections

The numbers announced by Chancellor George Osborne at Autumn Statement 2013 on how much the taxman would generate from the 'largest ever' avoidance clampdown must be reviewed, as they are susceptible to “great uncertainty”.

Chancellor vows to combat offshore tax evasion

The chancellor has announced details of a new campaign which will specifically target people who avoid and evade tax.

HMRC target offshore accounts in tax evasion crackdown

The government are launching a campaign designed to crack down on people who have been evading taxes by holding money in offshore accounts.

Moyles avoided tax by claiming to be second-hand car dealer

Former Radio 1 breakfast show host Chris Moyles dodged £1 million in tax, while being paid £630,000 by the BBC.

Ferguson faces huge bill as tax avoidance scheme backfires

Retired Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson and other wealthy individuals could be facing a huge tax bill.

Tax Investigation Advice – How To Avoid a HMRC Investigation

It’s every taxpayer’s fear: being investigated by HMRC.

Tax Nightmares: Spain's Princess Cristina accused of tax fraud

Even royalty are not safe from the Taxman, as Spain’s Princess Cristina has recently found out.

Tax Nightmares: Tax avoiders face the music after landmark Montpelier case

Two limited company directors have failed in their bid to quash immense financial penalties after they were unable to convince a tribunal that they needed to rely on Montpelier, and were not “negligent” in using a tax avoidance scheme.

Tax Nightmares: Seven bankers charged over £2.5 million tax fraud

Seven City investment bankers have been charged with conspiring to swindle HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) out of £2.5 million.

Are you paying too much income tax?

“What is your tax code?” A question that not many people could answer off the cuff, unless they had a pay slip to hand.

Last minute self-assessment advice

It’s that time of year that both businesses and accountants have feared; the self-assessment deadline of 31st January is looming.

Self-assessment: the full lowdown.

It’s that time of year. The self-assessment deadline of 31st January is right around the corner and individuals across the country are stressing over what they can and cannot claim for.

Tax Nightmares – Lincolnshire entrepreneur pleads guilty in £188,000 tax fraud case.

A 72-year-old Lincolnshire pensioner, who deceived the tax office out of £188,000 over the space of more than 11 years, has been sentenced.

Employers offered EFRBS resolution opportunity

HMRC are giving employers who have used Employee Financed Retirement Benefit Schemes (EFRBS) arrangements an opportunity to settle without having to become involved in litigation.

Tax Nightmares – Bayern Munich president Hoeness to be trialled on tax charges

Ult Hoeness, president of German football giant Bayern Munich, is to face trial over tax evasion charges in March 2014.

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KinsellaTax are proud to announce our new sponsorship partnership with Irlam Amateur Boxing Academy.

Tax Nightmares – A Tale of Two Tax Residency Cases

Two recent tax tribunal cases illustrate the contrasting fortunes taxpayers can have in what can be very similar looking circumstances. One secured their victory but for the other the nightmare lives on.

Gary Barlow bombarded with tax avoidance questions during Twitter chat

Twitter users make fun of Take That and X-Factor star Gary Barlow’s tax avoidance scandal.

Tax breaks to help small UK sports clubs

A vast amount of UK sports clubs are to be gifted tax breaks that could be worth up to £50,000 each as part of the Government’s plans to boost participation and enhance the Olympic legacy.

Tax Nightmares – German tax authorities finally back down

Newspaper story helps to bring victory for a British man who faced a crippling tax bill in Germany.